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Scientific Staff

A. Research Management
Dr. G.P. Dixit Plant Breeding Director
B. All India Coordinated Research Projects
AICRP on Rabi Pulses
Dr. Shailesh Tripathi Plant Breeding Project Coordinator
AICRP on Kharif Pulses
Dr. Aditya Pratap Plant Breeding Project Coordinator
C. Divisions/Sections
Crop Improvement
Dr. P.K. Katiyar Plant Breeding Head
Dr. I. P. Singh Plant Breeding Principal Scientist
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Plant Breeding Principal Scientist
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Plant Breeding Principal Scientist
Dr. A.K. Srivastava Plant Breeding Senior Scientist
Dr. A.K. Parihar Pigeonpea and Field pea Breeder Senior Scientist
Dr. Uday Chandra Jha Plant Breeding Senior Scientist
Dr. Abhishek Bohra Plant Breeding Senior Scientist
Dr. D. Sen Gupta Plant Breeding Senior Scientist
Dr. Biswajit Mondal Plant Breeding Scientist
Dr. Satheesh Naik, S.J. Plant Breeding Scientist
Plant Biotechnology
Dr. (Mrs.) Meenal Rathore Biotechnology  Head
Dr. Alok Das Biotechnology Senior Scientist
Dr. Shanmugavadivel P.S. Biotechnology Scientist
Mr. Konda Aravind Kumar Biotechnology Scientist
Dr. Neetu Singh Kushwah Biotechnology Scientist
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Jha Biotechnology Scientist
Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Biotechnology Scientist
Dr. Antara Das Biotechnology Scientist
Crop Production
Dr. Narendra Kumar Agronomy Head
Dr. Prasoon Verma ASPE Senior Scientist
Dr. K.K. Hazra Agronomy Senior Scientist
Dr. Mohd. Hashim Agronomy Senior Scientist
Dr. Chaitanya Prasad Nath Agronomy Scientist
Dr. Manmohan Deo Farm Machinery and Power Scientist
Dr. Asik Dutta Soil Science Scientist(On Study Leave)
Ms. Mrunalini Kancheti Agronomy Scientist
Crop Protection
Dr. Mohd. Akram Plant Pathology Head
Dr. Bansa Singh Nematology Principal Scientist
Dr. Naimuddin Plant Pathology Principal Scientist
Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra Plant Pathology Principal Scientist
Dr. Anup Chandra Entomology Senior Scientist
Dr. Sujayanand G.K. Entomology Senior Scientist
Dr. Rishikesh Kumar Plant Pathology Scientist
Dr. Bandi Sanjay Maruti Entomology Scientist
Dr. R. Jagadeeshwaran Nematology Scientist
Dr. Revanasidda Entomology Scientist
Basic Science
Dr. M. Senthilkumar Microbiology Head
Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Patel Plant Physiology Principal Scientist
Dr. T.N. Tiwari Plant Physiology Principal Scientist
Dr. (Mrs.) Vijay Laxmi Plant Physiology Senior Scientist
Mr. Vaibhav Kumar Plant Biochemistry Scientist
Mrs. Kalpana Tewari Plant Biochemistry Scientist
Ms. Namrata Laskar Agricultural Chemicals Scientist
Social Science
Dr.(Mrs.) Uma Sah Agricultural Extension Head
Dr. Devraj Computer Application in Agriculture Principal Scientist
Dr. Hemant Kumar Agricultural Statistics Principal Scientist
Dr.(Mrs.)Rekha Rani Agricultural Economics Scientist
Mr. Ashis Ranjan Udgata Agricultural Statistics Scientist
D. Regional Centres
(i) Bikaner (Rajasthan)
Dr. Sudheer Kumar Plant Pathology Head
Dr. Banwari Lal Agronomy Senior Scientist
Dr. Ram Lal Jat Agronomy Scientist
Dr. Rajesh Bishnoi Agri. Extension Scientist
Dr. Lalit Kumar Rolaniya Agronomy Scientist
Dr. (Mrs.) Monika Punia Plant Breeding Scientist
E. Regional Stations
(i) Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
Dr. Dibendu Datta Plant Breeding Principal Scientist & Officer-in-charge
Dr. Gitanjali Sahay Genetics & Plant Breeding Principal Scientist
Dr. (Mrs.) Archana Singh Economic Botany & Plant Genetic Resource Principal Scientist
Dr. Surendra Ghritlahre Genetics & Plant Breeding Scientist
Dr. Nidhi Kumari Plant Pathology Scientist
(ii) Dharwad (Karnataka)
Dr. S.L.Patil Agronomy Principal Scientist & Officer-in-charge
Dr. M.S. Venkatesh Soil Science Principal Scientist
Dr. M.H. Kodandaram Entomology Principal Scientist
Dr. Parasappa Rajappa Saabale Plant Pathology Senior Scientist
Dr. Revanappa Plant Breeding Senior Scientist
Dr. Manu B. Plant Breeding Scientist
(iii) Khordha (Bhubaneswar, Odisha)
Dr. Narendra Kumar Agronomy Head & Officer-in-charge
Dr. Asish Kumar Raut Entomology Scientist
Mr. Sunil Kumar Sunani Plant Pathology Scientist
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