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PME Cell


  • To coordinate and synthesize the recommendations of QRT, RAC, IRC, Vision documents of the Institute and ICAR to recommend research priorities of the institution for shortlisting priority researchable problems across crop(s)/divisions/programmes/commodity/livestock,(Priority Setting)
  • Annual updating and presenting the report to the director of the institution for assigning research projects
  • To coordinate and arrange for annual monitoring of each on-going project and evaluation of the completed [projects through internal and external experts.
  • To coordinate and arrange for technology validation and/or impact assessment of successful technology claimed by scientist(s) through internal and external experts.
  • Regularly sensitizing and capacity building of research managers and scientists through training programmes.
  • Maintaining a database of all publications, technologies developed, IPRs, consultancies, projects undertaken in past 10 years and on-going projects.


  • Dr. G.P. Dixit, Director (Chairman)
  • Dr. R.K. Mishra (Member)
  • Dr. Rekha Rani (Member)
  • Dr. A.K. Parihar (Member)
  • Dr. Sujayanand (Member)
  • Dr. C.P. Nath (Member)
  • Dr. Satheesh Naik S J (Member)
  • Dr. Manmohan Deo (Member)
  • Dr. A.K. Srivastava (Member Secretary & I/c)
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