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Regional Center Bikaner, Rajasthan



IIPR-RC, Bikaner (Rajasthan) is established in June, 2019 to cater the need of research on arid legumes. The region comes under Agro-climatic zone IC (Hyper arid partially irrigated Western Plain) of Rajasthan which occupies 7.70 mha physiographical area. The Centre is situated at 28.07 0N latitude, 73.32 0E longitude and 225 m altitude in an area of 70 Hectare.

Thrust Areas

The objectives of the centre are to cater the needs of pulse growing farmers of arid region of India, develop location specific technologies for enhanced pulses production, large scale quality seed production, characterization/screening and evaluation of germplasm, and generation of breeding material of pulses for the arid agroecosystem, demonstration and transfer of technologies, and coordination of pulses research through networking of testing centres across the zone particularly in Rajasthan State.

Mandate crops:

Clusterbean, Mothbean, Cowpea and Chickpea.



Layout Plan of RRC, Bikaner

Human Resource: as on 11.01.2021

S. NO. Cadre Sanctioned Filled Vacant
1 HORC 01 01
2 Scientific 09 05 04
3 Technical 03 01 02
4 Administrative
5 Driver 01 01
Total 14 07 07


Dr. Banwari Lal
Scientist (Agronomy)& In-charge
Specialization : Cropping System, Conservation Agriculture
Dr. Ram Lal Jat
Scientist (Agronomy)
Specialization :Agronomy, Cropping System, Conservation Agriculture & Weed Management

Dr. Lalit Kumar Rolaniya
Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer
Specialization : Plant Physiology, Seed and Stress Physiology,
Mrs. Monika Punia
Scientist(Genetics and Plant Breeding)
Specialization : Breeding for biotic and abiotic stress in arid legumes

Technical Personnel:

S. NO. Name Cadre
1 Mr. Kishan Lal Meena T-5 (Driver)
2 Mr. Ram Swaroop T-1

Research Projects Under Operations

A. Institute Projects

S.NO. Project (Discipline wise) PI & Co-PI
1 Enhancing input use efficiency and productivity of pulses in arid ecosystem.
  • Dr. R.L. Jat,
  • Dr. S.K. Meena,
  • Dr. Narendra Kumar
  • Dr. N.D. Yadava(CAZRI, Bikaner)
2 Minimizing the yield gaps through better agronomic management practices in pulse-based cropping systems in western plain zone of Rajasthan.
  • Dr. L.K. Rolaniya,
  • Dr. R.L. Jat,
  • Dr. S.K. Meena and
  • Dr. Narendra Kumar
3 Genetic enhancement in arid pulses for abiotic and biotic stresses: Moth bean and Cowpea.
  • Mrs. Monika Punia,
  • Dr. S.K. Meena and
  • Dr. A.K. Parihar
4 Identification of donors and physiological traits for drought and heat tolerance in kharif legumes (Mothbean, Mungbean and Pigeonpea) under arid environments
  • Dr. S.K. Meena,
  • Dr. R.L. Jat, and
  • Dr. N.S. Nathawat(CAZRI, Bikaner)
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