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CeRA (Journals)


Agricultural research, the backbone of agricultural growth in the country, demands timely dissemination of knowledge being generated and updated across the globe from time to time. Various institutions under ICAR and State Agricultural University, by and large, have been procuring print versions of journals and literature in aid of science and technology. With the rapid growth of internet facilities and advancement of web technology, almost all reputed international journals are available on-line and can be accessed by researchers over the network.

The National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) has funded for establishing the Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) for facilitating accessibility of scientific journals to all researchers / teachers in the National Agricultural Research System by providing access to information specially access to journals online which is crucial for having excellence in research and teaching. Under this consortium Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR) gets online access to important journals in CeRA platform. The access to CeRA journal is available to all researchers at IIPR and also in desktop computer at the library for anybody who wishes to search literature subscribed under CeRA.

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