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The ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR), Kanpur established its Regional Research Station-Cum-Off-Season Nursery in the year 2011 at Dharwad in Karnataka to enhance the production and productivity of pulse crops in southern India. The Regional Research Station is located on the University of Agricultural Sciences campus near Yattinagudda village and is about 5 km away from Dharwad City, 9 km from Dharwad Railway Station, and 27 km from Hubli Airport.

Mandate of the Station:

  • To cater to the research and extension needs of the pulse crops such as chickpea, pigeonpea, urdbean, mungbean, cowpea, and horsegram cultivated in southern India.
  • To act as a National Off-Season Nursery for advancing breeding material of chickpea, lentil, peas, and lathyrus and during the winter season for urban and mungbean to hasten breeding cycles.
  • To develop location-specific varieties and crop production technologies for pulses.
  • Capacity building of State Agricultural Department officials/NGo’s/Farmer’s in improved pulse production technologies in southern Indian states in association with UAS, Dharwad.

Mandate crops

Cowpea, Horsegram, Mungbean, Urdbean, Chickpea and Pigeonpea.

Thrust/Focus Areas of Research

  • Off-season generation advancement of pulses (Chickpea, Lentil, Peas, Lathyrus, Mungbean, and Urdbean).
  • Plant genetic resources management of pulses and their utilization.
  • Genetic enhancement in cowpea and horsegram for yield and multiple stress resistance.
  • Enhancing productivity in pulses and pulses-based cropping systems through improved resource and crop management practices.
  • Host Plant Resistance in Vigna pulses.
  • Eco-friendly management of major and emerging insect pests and diseases in pulse crops.
  • Nucleus and breeder seed production of pulse crops.
  • Capacity building of State Agricultural Officials and other stakeholders in pulse cultivation.

Seed Production

  • Breeder and quality seed production of pulse crops of mungbean, urdbean, cowpea, horsegram, and chickpea varieties released for the Southern Zone.

Extension Activities:

  • Front-line demonstration of improved crop cultivars and improved pulses technologies in the farmer’s fields (FLDs).
  • Farmer’s field visits to create awareness of improved pulses technologies in the Deccan Plateau region.
  • Capacity building/training programs on the improved pulse and low-cost technologies for the farmers’/NGo’s/Agricultural State Department staff and participation in the Krishi Melas.
  • Teaching and guiding students of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad in Graduate and Post-Graduate disciplines.
  • Farmers-Scientist interface meetings.
  • Organizing Farmer’s field days.
  • Implementation of SCSP program in Karnataka State.

Events Organized at IIPR-RRS, Dharwad

  • Organizing Institutional activities and programs like Parthenium Awareness Week, Vigilance Awareness Week, World Pulses Day, World Environment Day, Swachata Pakwara, Van Mahotasav Program, and Field Days under SCSP program both at Research Farm and in the farmers’ fields.

“Interactive meeting with Hon’ble Secretary DARE and DG ICAR Dr. Himanshu Pathak at IIPR-RRS Dharwad on 12th June 2023”

Hon’ble Secretary DARE and DG, ICAR Dr. Himanshu Pathak., visited ICAR-IIPR Regional Research Station Dharwad on 12th June 2023 and had an interactive meeting with all the staff of ICAR-IIPR, RRS, Dharwad. Dr. S.L. Patil Principal Scientist and Officer-in-Charge briefly explained the research, extension and training activities carried out at the Regional Station. Further he also briefed about the strategic importance of the Regional Research Station, Dharwad for generation advancement during the off-season for the winter pulses such as chickpea, lentil, fieldpea and rajmash during kharif season and mungbean and urdbean during the winter season. Further Dr. Patil explained breeding research program carried out in the mandate crops i.e. cowpea and horsegram at the Dharwad Station. Crop Protection and Crop Production Scientists briefly explained the research program in Entomology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, and Agronomy in pulse and pulse-based cropping systems. Hon’ble DG ICAR enquired about the target geographical area for which scientists of the Dharwad Regional Station are focusing to solve the problems of farmers in pulse and pulse-based cropping systems.
Hon’ble DG ICAR, obtained information on the seed hub project, the status of breeder seed production, and details of mungbean varieties released for the south zone by the Research Station/Institute. Further, he discussed pigeonpea production in the state of Karnataka, and hybrid pigeonpea breeding, including the major diseases affecting pigeonpea productivity. Hon’ble DG ICAR emphasized the importance of the transfer of technology generated by the Regional Station for adoption by the farmers in the region. Further he also enlightened the Scientists of the Regional Station to concentrate on research and extension activities that improve the pulse productivity and income of the farmers including meeting their home requirements. Hon’ble DG ICAR visited the farm and Dr. Patil briefed about the various facilities created in the campus such as rainout shelters, net house, glass house, and IIPR mini dal mill. He appreciated all the staff and made in his remarks in the Visitor’s book “Good work is going on, wish lots of success in the field. Congratulations to all the staff for doing good work”. Later Hon’ble DG, ICAR planted a sapling in the garden area of IIPR-RRS Dharwad. Dr. B.D. Biradar, Director of Research, UAS Dharwad and Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian, Director ATARI Bengaluru also accompanied Hon’ble DG during his visit to RRS, Dharwad and had a discussion on the issues related to pulses production in Karnataka state and the spread of technologies in the farmer’s fields including seed production by the government and private organizations.



Farm Map of Regional station, Dharwad

Human Resource: as on 15.01.2021

S. NO. Cadre Sanctioned Filled Vacant
1 Scientific 05 05
2 Technical 02 01 01
Total 07 06 01
Dr. S.L. Patil
Principal Scientist & Station Incharge
Dr. M.S. Venkatesh
Principal Scientist
Specialization:Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management, Soil quality and Carbon Management
Dr. M. H. Kodandaram
Principal Scientist (Agril. Entomology)
Specialization: Bio-intensive Pest Management and Insect Toxicology
Dr. Parasappa Rajappa Sabale
Scientist (Plant Pathology)
Specialization: Fungal pathology
Dr. Revanappa Biradar
Scientist (Plant breeding)
Specialization: Mungbean and urdbean breeding
Dr. Manu B
Scientist (Plant breeding)
Specialization: Mungbean

Technical Personnel:

S. NO. Name Position
1 Mr. Nikhil Ramrao Mohite Technical Assistant

Human Resource:

S.No. Cadre Sanctioned Filled Vacant
1 Scientific 05 06 00
2 Technical 02 01 01
3 Administration


2 0 2

Research Projects Under Operations

A. Institute Projects

S.NO. Project (Discipline wise) PI & Co-PI


Breeding for yield enhancement and multiple stress resistance of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.)Walp.) for the southern peninsular zone.
  • Dr. Manu B., Dr. Revanappa and Dr. P.R. Saabale


Genetic enhancement for grain yield and resistance to multiple disease resistance in horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum (L.))
  • Dr. Revanappa, Dr. Manu B. and Dr. P.R. Saabale


Enhancing productivity in diverse pulses based cropping systems through improved nutrient management in Deccan Plateau.
  • Dr. M.S.Venkatesh,
  • Dr. S.L. Patil
  • Dr. Revanappa


Sustaining Crop Productivity for Pulse based Cropping System through Integrated Nutrient Management in Vertisols of Peninsular India
  • Dr. SL Patil
  • Dr. M Venkatesh,
  • Dr. C.R. Patil (UAS, Dharwad)


Ecofriendly management of insect pests in Vigna pulses (Mungbean, Urdbean, Cowpea and Horsegram) for Southern India.
  • Dr. M.H. Kodandaram


Integrated disease management for foliar diseases of Vigna pulses and horsegram.
  • Dr. P.R. Saabale
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar Sunnai


Seasonal dynamics of major pest and diseases of pulse crops in peninsular India.
  • Dr. P.R. Saabale
  • Dr. M.H. Kodandaram
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar Sunnai


Development of model pulses village through integrated technological interventions in selected zones of India
  • Dr. Uma Sah, Dr. SL Patil, Dr. Sabale PR, Dr. Revanappa Biradar

Infrastructure Facilities Available

(A) Infrastructure:

  • New Laboratory-cum-Office building.
  • National Nursery building.
  • Seed storage building cum threshing floor (2 Nos.).
  • Pigeonpea sterility mosaic disease nursery.
  • Rainout shelters (3 Nos.).
  • Hi-Tech Greenhouse (2 Nos.) with temperature and RH control.
  • Insect Proof Net house (1 No.).
  • Pre-Breeding Nursery.
  • Cemented Ring Pots (108 Nos.)
  • Diesel Generator Set of 63 KV capacity with shed.
  • Farmworker’s shed with toilet.
(B) Equipment’s

S.NO. Name of Equipment’s Quantity (Nos)
1 Digital pH Meter 02
2 Laminar Air Flow Cabinet 01
3 BOD Incubator 01
4 Hot Air Oven 02
5 Double Distillation Unit 02
6 Electronic Balance 01
7 Weighing Balances 02
8 Vertical Autoclave 01
9 Soil Thermometer 10
10 GPS Satellite Model 01
11 Moisture Meter 01
12 Humidity Temperature Meter 01
13 Binocular Microscope 01
14 Refrigerator 01
15 Orbital shaking incubator 01
16 Sewing machine hand held 01
17 Portable water purification system 01

(C) Farm Implements and Vehicle:

S.NO. Name of Item Quantity (Nos)
1 Tractor with Hydraulic Trolley 01
2 Four-wheel drive power-operated mini tractor 01
3 Manual Operated Tractor Trolley 01
4 Water Tanker 01
5 Single Mould Board Plough 01
6 Double Reversible Mould Board Plough 01
7 Disc Harrow 01
8 Rotavator 01
9 Land Leveller 01
10 Cultivator 01
11 Bund Maker 01
12 Blade Harrow 01
13 Seed Grader 01
14 Raised Bed Planter 01
15 Brush Cutter Machine 01
16 Seed cum Fertilizer Drill 01
17 Manual Seed Drill 01
18 Sprinkler Set 01
19 Portable Power Sprayer 01
20 Battery Operated Sprayer 01
21 Multipurpose Thresher 01
22 Lawn Mower 01
23 Jeep (Tata Sumo) 01

Linkages with other Organizations

  • Signed MoU with the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad for Undergraduate/Post-Graduate teaching and research.
  • Co-ordination with the Pulse Scientists of AICRP on MuLLarP Centre, UAS Dharwad for research and extension needs of pulse cultivating farmers.
  • Liaison with officials of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, and Karnataka State Agriculture Department for the activities related to pulse crops.
  • Collaboration with KVKs for dissemination of IIPR technologies.

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