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Division of Plant Biotechnology, ICAR-IIPR

(Plant Biotechnology and Molecular biology)

Thrust Areas

  • QTL Mapping and marker assisted introgression for stress tolerance
  • Gene identification and characterization for stress tolerance
  • Establishment of Rapid generation advancement systems for pulses

Significant Acheivements

  • Developed a marker assisted backcross (MABC) Chickpea line IPC (L4-14) for enhanced drought tolerance having QTL-hotspot region in DCP92-3 genetic background with 14.2% yield advantage under drought condition.
  • Generated high-density linkage map in Chickpea using Axiom®CicerSNPArray (1856 SNPs) spanning a distance of 1106.3 cM and identified QTL clusters on CaLG03 and CaLG06 harboring major QTLs for yield and yield component traits under salinity stress which harbours candidate genes for salinity tolerance in Chickpea
  • Developed gram pod tolerant transgenic chickpea and pigeonpea lines tested for bio efficacy under Confined Field Trials (CFTs). Best selected lines (though found to be hemizygous) are being characterized for site of transgene integration.
  • Developed single and Bi-directional Duplex pod specific (mod-msg) promoter (BDDP) vectors having cry genes;
  • Developed two vector system using pRI 201AN fornptII and tma 12 gene of interest.
  • Developed embryonic axis explant based highly reproducible in-vitro regeneration protocol amenable to Agrobacterium mediated transformation in two Grasspea varieties viz., Pusa-24 and Mahateora and three Mungbean varieties viz. ML267, Samrat and Virat.
  • In-vitroregeneration system based on direct shoot organogenesis in Fieldpea, Chickpea and Pigeonpea.
  • Cloned and characterized insect resistance gene Vip3Aafor insect resistance (IR) trait in chickpea
  • Developed rapid and efficient method for reverse genetic studies in chickpea based on Agrobacterium rhizogenes
  • Developed generation of CRISPR/Cas9 construct using InFusion Technology
  • Cloned and characterised Chickpea multi-stress responsive WRKY transcription factor and herbivory-inducible chitinase (Car_Chit-15) genes, Pigeonpea Bowman-Birk protease inhibitor and novel small secreted cysteine rich protein (SSCP-1) genes, and Lathyrus sativusoxalyl-CoA synthetase (LsAAE3) and ODAP biosysnthes genes.
  • Draft genome sequencing and protein profiling of potent Bacillus isolates: AK2.IIPR, F1.IIPR, F5.IIPR, F6.IIPR and F8.IIPR has been deciphered, revealing the presence of 28, 19, 26, 26 and 29 insecticidal genes, respectively.
  • Genome wide identification of MADS-box, Wound-induced protein (WIP) and chitinase gene families in Chickpea.
  • Identified major-effect QTLs for 100-seed weight and plant height in Chickpea explaining up to 59.70% phenotypic variation in a recombinant inbred line (RIL) population developed from ICC 4958 and DCP 92-3.
  • Identified the role of cytochrome P450, xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase, glutamate dehydrogenase, methyl crotonoyl carboxylase and thaumatin-like genes in herbicide resistance in Chickpea through RNA-seq analysis.
  • Established marker trait associations (22 MTAs) in Pigeonpea for 5 ideotypic traits viz., days to initial flowering, days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, plant height, and number of primary branches which explains upto 30.76% phenotypic variation and identified 6 SSRs linked with Fusariumwilt resistance in Pigeonpea.
  • Generated refined genome assembly of Fusarium udumwith a genome size of 62.23 Mb, spanning 1488 contigs with largest contig size of 452.8 kb


  • Instrumentation
    Thermal cyclers, Real time thermal cyclers, vertical and Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units, , Blotting and Hybridization Systems, 2D electrophoresis, Iso-Electric Focusing (IEF), , ELISA Reader, Centrifuges,  Micro-projectile Gene Gun System (PDS 1000), Gel documentation system, Hybridization oven, sonicator,  .
  • Plant tissue culture and transformation facility
  • Transgenic plant containment facility and establishment unit
  • State–of-art insect bioassay facility
  • Hydroponics facility


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Ongoing Research Projects

Title Funding Agency PI
Development of early flowering chickpea genotype using CRISPR/Cas9 technology SERB (DST) Dr. Alok Das
CRISPR Crop Network: Targeted improvement of stress tolerance, nutritional quality and yield of crops by using genome editing NASF (ICAR)


Dr Alok Das (Pigeonpea)
Functional characterization of the Cicer arietinum Short Vegetative Phase (SVP) genes, their promoters, and potential microRNAs regulating them towards elucidating their role in floral transition DST-SERB Dr. Aravind K Konda
Improving the nutritional quality of grasspea using the mutagenesis approach DST-SERB Dr. Neetu S  Kushwah
Genomics, Genetic Engineering and New Breeding Technologies for Pulses Improvement ICAR Coordinator: Dr Meenal Rathore
Molecular mapping of heat stress tolerance QTLs and understanding heat stress induced transcriptome dynamics in chickpea (PI:)


ICAR Dr.Shanmugavadivel P.S
Molecular diagnosis of Fusarium sp. infecting chickpea and pigeon pea


ICAR Dr.Shanmugavadivel P.S
Molecular dissection of loci for Powdery Mildew Resistance and Photo-thermo insensitivity in Urdbean ICAR Mr.Sudhir Kumar Jha
Precision Plant Breeding and Rapid Generation Advancement in Chickpea


ICAR Dr. Alok Das
Molecular approaches for improving the nutritional quality of grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.) ICAR Dr. Neetu S  Kushwah
Transforming Vigna for tolerance to whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) (PI :Dr M.Rathore)


ICAR Dr Meenal Rathore
Gene Identification and development of triple gene technologies for pod borer resistance in transgenic chickpea. ICAR Dr. Aravinda K Konda
  Identification of genes/QTLs for salinity tolerance in urdbean and earliness in Lentil ICAR Dr. Kuldeep Kumar

Scientists and their area of specialization

Dr. Narendra Kumar,
Principal Scientist & Head (Acting)
Specialization : Resource conservation technology,
Dr. Prasoon Verma
Senior Scientist - SG(ASPE)
Discipline : Agricultural Structures & Process Engineering
Specialization:Post Harvest Management of Pulses
Mr. K.K. Hazra
Scientist (Agronomy)
Specialization: Cropping system research, Carbon modeling
Dr. Chaitanya Prasad Nath
Scientist (Agronomy)
Er. Manmohan Deo
Scientist (Farm Machinery and Power)
Specialization: Design and development of farm machineries, Farm Power, Ergonomics.
Ms.Mrunalini Kancheti
Specialization : Agronomy, Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility and Crop Modelling
Dr. Asik Dutta
Specialization : Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Scientists and their area of specialization

Dr. Meenal Rathore
Specialization : Genetic transformation of plants
Dr Shanmugavadivel PS
Scientist (Sr.Scale)
Specialization : Translational Genomics and Genome Editing in Pulses
Dr Aravinda K Konda
Specialization : Computational and Functional Genomics
Dr Neetu S Kushwah
Scientist (Sr.Scale)
Specialization : Genome Editing of Pulses
Mr Sudhir Kumar Jha
Specialization : Functional Genomics
Dr Antara Das
Scientist (Sr.Scale)
Specialization : Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
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