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The ARIS Cell has taken initiative to develop useful databases for different pulse crops. In this context, a comprehensive country-wise, state-wise and district-wise database with respect to area, production and productivity of chickpea, pigeonpea, mungbean, urdbean, lentil, pea and total pulses has been created. Efforts have been made to develop database and information system on the released varieties (VRIS) of various pulse crops.

The Institute has also developed a web-based online retrieval system “PulsExpert” for the major pulse crops (Chickpea, Pigeonpea, Mungbean, Urdbean, Lentil and Pea) grown in India. The system incorporates all the features like, automatic knowledge acquisition interface, knowledge acquisition from multiple experts, knowledge retrieval, incorporation of feedback from users and farmers. The knowledge base of the system contains up to date information related to package and practices, disease/insect-pests, their characteristics and managements. Similar efforts are being made to develop online database and information system for pulse genetic resources.

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