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Regional Research Centre Khordha, Odisha



IIPR-RS, Khordha (Odisha) is established in an area of 29.395 acres on 18 January 2020 following signing of MoU between Govt. of Odisha and ICAR (IIPR, Kanpur) to cater to the need of research on Pulses exclusively grown in humid region including Urdbean, Mungbean and Pigeonpea. The region comes under Eastern Ghats hot moist sub-humid eco sub-region (Agro Ecological Sub Region of ICAR), East Coast Plain & Hill Region (Zone XI) of Agro-Climatic Zone of Planning Commission and East and South Eastern Coastal Plain Zone (OR-4) of Agro Climatic Zone of NARP. This Station falls under Khordha district of Odisha. It is situated at latitude of 20.188 N, longitude of 85.622 E and an altitude of 75 metres above MSL.

The bioclimatology of the District Khordha is much influenced for the short radial distance from the Bay of Bengal and presences of a huge water body like the Chilika Lake. The district enjoys normal 1408 mm (68.4 number of rainy days) with maximum and minimum temperature 42.2 degree Celsius and 11.1 degree Celsius, respectively. Most of the rain is received during SW Monsoon (June-Sept,1056.2 mm) while rainfall received through NE monsoon (Oct-Dec, 204.7 mm) and winter (Jan-Feb, 36.7 mm) are scanty /deficient. The mean relative Humidity ranges from 46% to 89%. Since it is situated in the East & Southeastern coastal plain this agro-climatic zone blessed with sandy-loam, loam, clay-loam and clayey soil in varied agro-ecosystem with mostly acidic in nature with low in organic carbon. The major kharif crops of this region are rice, urdbean and pigeonpea, and in rabi season rice, urdbean, mungbean, horsegram and cowpea.


  • To cater the research and extension needs of the pulse crops such as pigeon pea, urdbean, and mungbean grown in Eastern Region of India.
  • To develop location specific varieties and crop production technologies for pulses.
  • To contribute capacity building of officials from the Department of Agriculture of various Eastern Indian States.

Thrust Areas

  • Genetic enhancement in mungbean, urdbean and pigeon pea.
  • Pulses based cropping systems through improved agronomic management.
  • Integrated management of major insect pest and pathogens of pulse crops.
  • Nucleus and breeder seed production of pulse crops.
  • Extension needs of the pulse crops grown in eastern India.
  • Capacity building of state officials and other stakeholders.

Mandate crops:

Mungbean, Urdbean And Pigeonpea.


  • Screening of mungbean & urdbean genotypes against major diseases
  • Seasonal abundance of major pests and diseases in pigeon pea, mungbean and urdbean
  • Breeder Seed Production of mungbean & urdbean

Store Room

old renovated room

office building

farm house

Staffs at IIPR, RS, Khordha

# Discipline Name of Staff Assignment
1. Agricultural Entomology Dr. Asish Kumar Rout, Scientist Scientist- In-charge
2. Plant Pathology Sh. Sunil Kumar Sunani, Scientist Scientist


Projects running at IIPR RS Bhubaneswar

S. NO. Project PI & Co-PI
1. Seasonal abundance of major pests and diseases in pigeon pea and their correlation with the weather parameters Asish Kumar Rout, Sunil Kumar Sunani, Anup Chandra
2. Seasonal abundance of major pests and diseases in mungbean and urdbean and their correlation with the weather parameters


Sunil Kumar Sunani, Asish Kumar Rout, Mohd. Akram, PR Saabale
3. Sustainable intensification of rice-fallows with inclusion of pulses in Eastern India


Raghavendra Singh, K.K. Hazra, P.K. Panda, Sunil Kumar Sunani
4. Forecasting the inter-and intra-seasonal pattern of major insect pest of pulses using Machine learning methods Anup Chandra, Asish Kumar Rout
5. Integrated disease management for foliar diseases of Vigna pulses and horsegram


P R Saabale, Sunil Kumar Sunani
6. Seasonal dynamics of major

pest and diseases in

peninsular India


 P R Saabale, M H

Kodandaram, Sunil Kumar


7. Innovative extension approaches for livelihood and nutritional security through Pulse Production Technology in India Uma Sah, Asish Kumar Rout, Sunil Kumar Sunani,

Scientists and their area of specialization

Mr. Sunil Kumar Sunani,
Scientist & Farm In-Charge
Specialization : Plant Pathology
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