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Profile of Dr. Dibendu Datta

Personal Information

Name : Dr. Dibendu Datta
Designation : Principal Scientist
Email :
Telephone (Office) :
Mobile No. : +91-9451724392
Date of joining ICAR :
Discipline and specialization : Genetics And Plant Breeding
  • Pigeonpea Breeding
  • Pre-breeding for stress tolerance.
  • Genetics of Host Resistance.
Training/advance exposure in the area of work :

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement

  • Developed two varieties of pigeonpea (IPA 206 and IPA 15-2).
  • Associated with development of two hybrids (IPH 15-03 and IPH 9-05)
  • Transferred alien rust resistance genes in to bread wheat and developed 30 thirty rust resistant genetic stocks of bread wheat and registered them with ICAR-NBPGR.
  • Registered 30 rust resistant genetic stocks and 3 genetic stocks of pigeonpea with ICAR-NBPGR including a waterlogging tolerant genotype IPAC 79.
  • Three lines (FLW2, FLW6 and FLW8) were found to be resistant against the deadly stem rust race Ug99 at Kenya (Chatrath et al. 2007. Euphytica).
  • Identified novel rust resistance genes in indigenous wheat cultivars and exotic winter wheat accessions.
  • Worked out the genetic basis of rust resistance in many wheat cultivars including PBW343.
  • Pyramided rust resistance genes with the aid of molecular markers.
  • Developed molecular marker linked to stripe rust resistance gene Yr10.
  • Transferred alien TYLCV resistance genes from wild tomato in to cultivated tomato and fixed them in F3.
  • Developed coat protein gene construct for imparting resistance against PYVMV in pumpkin.
  • Transferred alien genes (Fusarium wilt resistance etc.) from wild species (Cajanus scarabaeoides) into cultivated pigeonpea for their fixation and use in breeding programme.
  • Developed breeding materials of pigeonpea for the development of high yielding varieties.

Current area of research

  • Development of high yielding disease resistant varieties of pigeonpea.
  • Introgression of stress tolerance genes from primary and secondary gene pool
  • Development of trait specific donors.
  • Maintenance of pigeonpea and chickpea germplasm
  • Pre-breeding in Pigeonpea for yield enhancement by introgression of stress tolerance genes from primary and secondary gene pool.
  • Development of high yielding disease resistant varieties of pigeonpea.
  • Identification of donors for biotic stresses.
  • Maintenance of pigeonpea germplasm.
  • Maintenance of wild garden of pigeonpea.


  • Datta D., Prashar M., Bhardwaj S.C. & Subodh Kumar. (2006) Genetic analysis of adult plant leaf rust resistance in three bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars. Euphytica. 154: 75-82
  • Datta D., Nayar S.K., Bhardwaj S.C., Prashar M. and Subodh Kumar. (2008) Detection and inheritance of leaf rust resistance in common wheat lines Agra Local and IWP94. Euphytica 159: 343-351.
  • Namrata J., Singh M., Dubey R.S., Venkataramanappa V. and Datta D. (2012) Phytochemicals and antioxidative enzymes defence mechanism on occurrence of yellow vein mosaic disease of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) 3 Biotech. DOI 10.1007/s13205-012- 0100-6.
  • Bohra A., Pandey M.K., Jha U.C., Singh B., Singh I.P., Datta D., Chaturvedi S.K., Nadarajan N. and Varshney R.K.(2014). Genomics-assisted breeding in four major pulse crops of developing countries: present status and prospects. Theor Appl Genet. DOI 10.1007/s00122-014-2301-3.
  • Kumar A., Datta D., Pandey S., Singh S. and Das S.P. (2018) Inheritance and tagging of Tomato leaf curl virus disease (ToLCVD) resistance genes in exotic tomato genotypes. Indian J Biotech. 17:357-363.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Young Scientist Award by Dr. Ram Avatar Shiksha Samiti, Pilibhit U.P. at Lucknow University During July, 2019 ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship.
  • Best Poster Award for the Poster presentation on “Genetic enhancement for protein content in chickpea: revelations and lessons” (Mondal B, Singh J, Chaturvedi SK and Kannaujia R) in the theme “Secondary Agriculture Initiatives” at the National Symposium (PULSYM 2017) on “Pulses for nutritional security and agricultural sustainability” held at ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur from 2–4 Dec., 2017.
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