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Profile of Dr. Vijay Laxmi

Personal Information

Name : Dr. Vijay Laxmi
Designation : Senior Scientist
Email :
Telephone (Office) : +91 512 2572464-65
Mobile No. : +91-8707048469
Date of joining ICAR : 11th November 1993
Discipline and specialization : Plant Physiology
Training/advance exposure in the area of work :
  • Physiological and molecular basis of plant adaptations to drought.
  • Physiological analysis of yield in crop plants.

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement

  • Hormonal and photosynthetic studies in mungbean.
  • Pre harvest sprouting studies and screen few tolerant pre harvest sprouting genotypes in mungbean.
  • Identified few heat tolerant genotypes of fieldpea.
  • Dry matter distribution pattern and biochemical studies.
  • Identified few Photothermoinsetivity genotypes in mungbean and urdbean.

Current area of research

Abiotic stress in Pulses (Photosensitivity and Heat).


  • Vijay Laxmi (2014). Biochemical changes in cotyledons of germinating mung bean seeds from summer and rainy seasons. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology December 2013, Volume 18, pp 377-380
  • Amrit Lamichaney , Pradip Kumar Katiyar, Vijay Laxmi and Aditya Pratap (2017). Variation in pre-harvest sprouting tolerance and fresh seed germination in mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) genotypes. Plant genetic resources, 1-9.
  • Vijay laxmi and G.P.Dixit (2017). High temperature stress and its implication on growth, biomass and yield of normal and late seeded field pea genotypes. Journal of Food Legumes 30(1): 41-44
  • Vijay laxmi and Lalit Kumar (2017). Seed yield of mungbean under late seeding: Effect of various growth parameters. Progressive Research an International Journal. Society For Scientific Development In Agriculture And Technology, Meerut (U.P.) India 12 (III), 2365-2368
  • Vijay laxmi and Gurumurthy S. (2019). Urdbean and Mungbean Management under late seeding: Effect on morphophysiological changes, dry matter distribution and Journal.. Progressive Research – An International Journal Society for Scientific Development Volume 14 (Special-I): (2019) in Agriculture and Technology, 594-598.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Distinguished scientist Award from Society For Scientific and Social Development, Meerut for the year 2016 on 24.2.2018.
  • Best Poster Award for Physiological change in mungbean and urdbean under normal and late seeding condition. under the theme Sustainability of Small holder Agriculture in Developing Countries under Changing Climatic Scenario in the International Conference held at C.S. Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur Campus during 14-17 February, 2018.
  • Best Poster Award for Impact of root exuded secondary metabolites of crop plants in reducing wilt and other important disease causing organisms of pulse crops. pp 298. under the theme Emerging problems and recent advances in Applied Sciences: Basic to Molecular Approaches in the National Conference held at Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut during Feb 08-09, 2014.
  • Indian Society of Pulses Research and development Fellow 2009.
  • Junior Research Fellowship..
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