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Name : Dr. Yogesh Kumar
Designation : Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding)
Email :
Telephone (Office) :
Mobile No. : +91-9430139411, +91-99736 66351
Date of joining ICAR : 21st MARCH, 2012 at ICAR-NRRI-CRURRS Hazaribag and Transferred & Joined ICAR-IIPR Kanpur on 01.07.2017 to till date
Discipline and specialization : Plant Breeding and specialization in Chickpea and rice breeding.
Training/advance exposure in the area of work :
  • Attended 12 days refresher course on Agriculture Research Management at NAARM Hyderabad, India from 14.07.2014 to 26.07.2014.

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement

A. Variety developed: Four chickpea varieties have been released and notified for enhancing productivity of chickpea in Central India and U.P.

  • A desi chickpea variety Birsa Chana 3 (ICCV-2 x Bhawanipatna local) was released by SVRC in the year 2013. It is medium maturing, higher yielder (20 q/ ha) and suitable for rainfed rice fallow land in Jharkhand.
  • IPC 2011-112: It is a desi chickpea variety derived from IPC94-94/ IPC02-120 cross was released for UP in 2019 and suitable under timely sown.
  • CRR 451-1-B-2-1: This line was identified by CVRC in 2014 for rainfed upland direct seeding in Jharkhand & MP. It is long cylinder grains, early maturing and moderate resistance to leaf blast.
  • CRR 363-36: This genotype derived from Gaurav/Kalinga III cross. It is a extra early cultures mature in 80-85 days developed at CRURRS. This line was tested in AICRP under DSR. During 2016-17, it released as Gangavati Ageti for irrigated ecology of Zone 3 in Karnataka for summer.
  • CRR 617-B-47-3: This genotype derived from Vandana/UPLRi7 cross, produced 19.0% & 40.5% higher yield, tolerant to drought and moderately resistant to leaf blast and brown spot diseases with long slender grains. It has been found promising in MP and Chhattisgarh under rainfed upland and VIC has suggested that proposal may be pursued with SVRC.

B. Varieties identified for release:

  • IPC 2010-62: It is derived from KWR108/EC556270 cross and identified by the Rajya Beej Vimochan Samiti for release in UP State under late sown.
  • IPC 2010-134: It is derived from GNG469/FG711 cross, and identified by Rajya Beej Vimochan Samiti for release in UP under timely sown..
  • IPC 2010-142: It is derived from RSG143-1/IPC94-94 cross and identified by the Rajya Beej Vimochan Samiti for release in UP State under late sown.
  • IPCK 11-179: It is Kabuli line from IPCK305/ICC16144 cross and identified by the Rajya Beej Vimochan Samiti for release in UP State under late sown.
  • IPC 2010-62: It is derived from KWR108/EC556270 cross and identified by the Rajya Beej Vimochan Samiti for release in UP State under late sown.

C.Performance of IPC lines in AICRP: Two lines IPCK13-163 (NWPZ/ WCZ), IPCK11-37 (WCZ) & IPC15-116 (SZ) being evaluated in AVT-1. 15 IPC lines: IPC16-107, IPC15-12, IPCD16-44 (TS); IPC12-31, IPC15-123, IPCB15-165(LS); IPC15-116, IPC15-267, IPCB16-222 (Rainfed); IPC14-10, IPC15-17, IPCB15-133 (MHT); IPCK 14-98, IPCK16-12, IPCKB16-149 (Kabuli) are being evaluated in IVTs during 2019-20.
D.Performance of IPC lines in State trials (UP): A total of 15 IPC lines: 13 desi & 2 kabuli of chickpea (Timely Sown: IPC10-217, IPC12-108, IPC13-70, IPC13-74, IPC14-28; Late Sown: IPC13-33, IPC12-49, IPC07-28, IPC07-100; Rainfed: IPC14-120, IPC14-51, IPC11-30, IPC11-28; Kabuli: IPCK12-143, IPCK09-145 are being evaluated in UP State trials.

Current area of research

Breeding for yield enhancement in desi chickpea and Genetic enhancement of Kabuli chickpea for grain yield and seed size.


  • Yogesh Kumar, Clarice J. Coyne, Jinguo Hu, Soon-Jae Kwon, Ted Kisha, Rebecca McGee and A. Sarker (2014). Target Region Amplification Polymorphism (TRAP) for assessing genetic diversity and marker-trait associations in chickpea Germplasm. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 61(5):965-977.
  • Yogesh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar and Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi (2014). Genetics of cotyledon colour in lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) The Bioscan, 13(1): 59-65 (NAAS rating 2018: 5.26).
  • Yogesh Kumar, and Anantha MS (2018). Comparative yield performance of rice varieties (High Yielding Varieties and Hybrids) under drought prone conditions in Jharkhand. Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 24(2): 733-737, NAAS rating 2018: 4.89).
  • Yogesh Kumar, J Ghosh, RK Mishra and SK Chaturvedi (2017). Performance stability of promising chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars in Jharkhand. Journal of Food Legumes, 30(4): 251-255 (NAAS rating 2018: 4.97).
  • Yogesh Kumar, J Ghosh, RK Mishra & SK Chaturvedi (2017). Evaluation of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) germplasm in Jharkhand. Journal of Food Legumes, 30(3): 11-13 (NAAS 2018: 4.97).

Awards and Fellowships

  • Best Scientist Award received in Senior Scientist category by ICAR-NRRI on 23.4.2017 during Institute foundation day at Cuttack.
  • Fellow Award of ISPRD , received during 6th National Symposium held from 2-4 Dec 2017 at IIPR Kanpur.
  • Best poster Award-2013, for the research article presented in National Symposium held at CRURRS from 24-25.10.13.
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