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Profile of Dr. R. Jagadeeswaran

Personal Information

Name : Dr. R. Jagadeeswaran
Designation : Scientist
Email :,
Telephone (Office) : +91-512-2572464
Mobile No. : +91 8400147435
Date of joining ICAR : 20th April, 2010
Discipline and specialization : Nematology (Agriculture)- Biological control of plant parasitic nematodes in pulses.
Training/advance exposure in the area of work :
  • Participated in the training programme on “Researchers’training-IV: Data analysis using SAS” of the National Agricultural Innovation Project Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS” organized at Consortium Partner, IVRI, Izzatnagar 21-26 Feb,2011.
  • Participated in the ICAR sponsored short course on “Molecular and Genome Tools for Crop Improvement” from 27th June to 6th July, 2011 in the Division of Crop Improvement, IIPR, Kanpur.
  • Participated in the training course on “Production Protocol of Bio agents & Bio pesticides and Quality Assessment and Quality Management of Bio pesticides” held from 10.12.2012-30.12.2012 in National Institute of Plant Health Management, Hyderabad.
  • Participated in CAFT programme “Computational and Statistical Advances in Bio informatics for Omics Data” from 21 Jan to 10 Feb. 2014 in IASRI, New Delhi.
  • Participated in the training course on Advances in Microscopy organised at ICAR CIRCOT, Mumbai from January 17 to 19, 2019.

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement

  • Potential strains of various biological control agents of plant parasitic nematodes from pulse rhizosphere have been identified for nematode management.
  • Purpureocillium lilacinum (IIPR-Pl-11), Trichoderma harzianum (IIPR-Th-64), T. asperellum (IIPR-Ta-31), Bacillus cereus (IIPR-Bc-14), Pseudomonas fluorescence (IIPR-Pf-4), Streptomyces ginkgonis (IIPR:KR01:03).

Current area of research

  • Development of consortium of Nematode bio control agents.
  • Profiling of Host-specificity of Pasteuria penetrans infecting Meloidogyne spp.


  • Singh B. & Jagadeeswaran R. (2014). Phytoparasitic nematodes associated with chickpea crop in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 84(10). (I028 NAAS rating 6.22).
  • Singh B. & Jagadeeswaran R. (2015). Important nematode problems in pulse crops and their management. Current Nematology, 26(1,2) : 109-124 (NAAS rating:3.55).
  • Soil sickness due to nematodes and its management through RCTs. Bansa Singh and R. Jagadeeswaran in RESOURCE CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGY IN PULSES by P.K. Ghosh, Narendra Kumar, M.S. Venkatesh, K.K. Hazra & N. Nadarajan, 2014.

Awards and Fellowships

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