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Personal Information

Name : Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Patel
Designation : Principal Scientist
Email :,
Telephone (Office) : +91-0512 2572464, +91-0512 2572465
Mobile No. : +91-78756 05365
Date of joining ICAR : 17th April, 1997
Discipline and specialization : Plant Physiology
Training/advance exposure in the area of work :

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement

Current area of research

Abiotic stress in Pulses (Drought and Heat).


  • Patel D.P., Das Anup, Munda G.C., Ghosh P.K., Bordoloi J.S. and Kumar M.(2010). Evaluation of yield and physiological attributes of high- yielding rice varieties under aerobic and flood-irrigated management practices in mid-hills ecosystem. Agricultural Water Management 97:1269–1276.
  • Patel D.P., Das A., Kumar M., Munda G.C., Ngachan S.V., Ramkrushna G.I., Layek J., Naropongla Buragohain J. and Somireddy U.(2014). Continuous application of organic amendments enhances soil health, produce quality and system productivity of vegetable-based cropping systems in subtropical eastern Himalayas, Experimental Agriculture, doi:10.1017/S0014479714000167
  • Das A., Patel D.P., Lal R., Kumar M., Ramkrushna G.I., Layek J., Buragohain J., Ngachan S.V., Ghosh P.K., Choudhury B.U., Mohapatra K.P. and B.G. Shivakumar (2016). Impact of fodder grasses and organic amendments on productivity and soil and crop quality in a subtropical region of eastern Himalayas, India. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 216: 274-282.
  • Das A., Patel D.P., Kumar M., Ramkrushna G.I., Mukherjee A., Layek J., Ngachan S.V. and Buragohain J.(2017). Impact of seven years of organic farming on soil and produce quality and crop yields in eastern Himalayas, India. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 236: 142-153.
  • Das Anup, Layek Jayant, Babu Subhash, Kumar Manoj, Yadav G.S., Patel D.P.., Ramkrushna G.I., Rattan Lal and Buragohain J.(2020). Influence of land configuration and organic sources of nutrient supply on productivity and quality of ginger (ZingiberofficinaleRosc.) grown in Eastern Himalayas, India. Environmental Sustainability

Awards and Fellowships

  • B.H.U. Gold Medal for M.Sc.(Ag), Plant Physiology.
  • ICAR Award for Team Research 2009-2010 for outstanding research contribution with Multidisciplinary Approach in Natural Resource Management. (Research Team: Dr. G.C. Munda, Dr. A.S. Panwar, Dr. P.K. Ghosh, Dr. D.P. Patel, Dr. Anup Das, Dr. B.U. Choudhury, Dr. A.K. Tripathi and Dr. S.V. Ngachan).
  • Best Poster Award in the Symposium on Diversification and Globalization of Agriculture, Poster session –I for the paper on “Effect of different organic amendments on productivity and soil health of different field crop based system in mid altitude of north east India” authored by Manoj Kumar, Dr. D.P. Patel,Anup Das, Naropongla, G.C. Munda, S.V. Ngachan and Ramkrushna G.I. (Organised under Third International Agronomy Congress “Agriculture Diversification, Climate Change Management and Livelihoods” 26-30 Nov. 2012, New Delhi, India).
  • Best Research Paper Award- 2014 by Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationists for the paper entitled “Conservation agriculture in rice and maize based cropping systems for enhancing crop and water productivity: participatory technology demonstration in north-east India” published in the category of Soil Science & Agronomy of the Indian Journal of Soil Conservation,Vol.42, Issue 2, Pages 196 to 203 (Authored by: Anup Das, G.I. Ramkrushna, B.U. Choudhury, S.V. Ngachan, A.K. Tripathi, R.K. Singh, D.P. Patel, J.M.S. Tomar, K.P. Mohapatra, Jayanta Layek and G.C. Munda)..
  • Best Poster Award in the Symposium on Plant and Soil Health Management: New Challenges and Opportunities, Poster session –VI for the paper on “Screening of soybean for waterlogging tolerance” authored by D.P. Patel, R.L. Meena, V. Rajagopal and R.L. Chaudhary (Organised under 39th Annual Conference and National Symposium” held at ICAR- IIPR, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh during 16-18th Nov. 2018.
  • UGC Junior Research Fellowship.
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