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Division of Crop Production


This Division comprises of major disciplines of Crop Production with a scientific strength
of six scientists. Division of Crop Production is engaged in research and extension activities
related to the cropping system, integrated nutrient, water and weed management and
Resource Conservation.

Thrust areas:

  • Resource use efficiency
  • Integrated crop management module for pulses in different cropping systems
  • Long-term effect of pulses in cropping systems on soil health and crop
  • Resource Conservation Technology on Pulses in Rice Fallows
  • Farm mechanization suitable for pulses
  • Post-harvest technology and value addition in pulses

On-going Research projects

1. Long-term effects of pulses in cropping system on soil health
and crop productivity (2014-2024)–Rice based and Maize/Bajra
Dr. S.S. Singh
2. Efficient water management in pulses for higher productivity
Dr. Chandra
Sekhar Praharaj
3. Development of RCT and weed management strategies in
pulse based cropping system (2009-16)
Dr. Narendra
4. Enhancing Resource Use Efficiency of pulse based cropping
systems in Indo-Gangetic plains (2012-17)
Dr. Ummed
5. Enhancing resource use efficiency in Pulse based cropping
system in central India (2014-17)
Dr. Chandra
Sekhar Praharaj
6. Mitigating abiotic stresses and enhancing resource-use
efficiency in pulses in rice fallows through innovative resource
conservation practices (2011-16) NASF
Dr. S.S. Singh

Research achievements:

  • Intensification of efficient pulses based cropping systems (rice/bajra/maize/pigeonpeawheat/chickpea-mungbean)
  • Developed efficient pulse based intercropping systems
  • Standardized agro-technologies for early pigeonpea-wheat cropping system.
  • Developed agro-technology for late chickpea, rabi rajmash, dwarf pea and late sown
    kharif mungbean
  •  Established the need of sulphur, zinc & boron for balanced nutrition of pulse crops.
  • Identified Critical stage of irrigation for long duration pigeonpea, Rabi and Summer
  • Developed Integrated weed management technology for pulse based cropping system.
  • Developed planting techniques for efficient water management
  •  Standardized foliar spray of urea in pulses
  • Identified short duration pulse crops in Rice-wheat system
  • Quantified nutrient contribution through leaf litter fall in pulses
  • Residue management practices standardized in pulse based cropping system
  • Enhanced phosphorus use efficiency in maize-chickpea system through integrated
    Phosphorus management
  • Enhanced productivity and water use efficiency in pulses through raised bed/ridge
    planting technique
  • Enhanced productivity and water use efficiency in pulses through micro-irrigation
    especially drip-fertigation in pigeonpea, sprinkler irrigation in Rabi pulses and precision
    tillage & sprinkler irrigation in summer pulses

Scientists and their area of specialization

Dr. Narendra Kumar,
Principal Scientist & Head (Acting)
Specialization : Resource conservation technology,

Dr. Prasoon Verma
Senior Scientist – SG(ASPE)
Discipline : Agricultural Structures & Process Engineering
Specialization:Post Harvest Management of Pulses
Mr. K.K. Hazra
Scientist (Agronomy)
Specialization: Cropping system research, Carbon modeling
Dr. Chaitanya Prasad Nath
Scientist (Agronomy)

Er. Manmohan Deo
Scientist (Farm Machinery and Power)
Specialization: Design and development of farm machineries, Farm Power, Ergonomics.
Ms.Mrunalini Kancheti
Specialization : Agronomy, Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility and Crop Modelling
Dr. Asik Dutta
Specialization : Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

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