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Inauguration and foundation Stone Laying Ceremony at ICAR-IIPR, Regional Station, Fanda, Bhopal (M.P.)

The foundation stone laying ceremony of laboratory-cum-administrative building was held at Regional Research Station, ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Fanda, Bhopal on 24th February. The ceremony was held in presence of DG, ICAR, Dr. T. Mohapatra and DG, ICARDA, Dr. Mahmaud Solh, while Dr. J. S. Sandhu, DDG (Crop Sciences, ICAR), Dr. B.B. Singh. ADG (O&P, ICAR) and Dr. N.P. Singh Director, IIPR, Kanpur were also present on the occasion. A newly built farm services building was also inaugurated by the distinguished dignitaries from ICAR and ICARDA. DG ICAR emphasized on achieving the target of 24 million tons in pulses by 2020 so as to make the country self sufficient and reduce the burden of import bill substantially.

He urged for cohesive and concerted efforts of all the stake holders in bringing out a national plan in delivering the goals. He also emphasized upon collaboration and action oriented programme in fulfilling the requisite mandate for pulses. He was much concerned about the strengthening the communication network between the researchers and scientists and opined that a database of mobile phone numbers of farmers should be created which can be used for dissemination of technologies to the farmers. He appreciated the efforts of ICAR scientists towards development of pulses and eradication of malnutrition and opined that ICAR-ICARDA-ICRISAT and State Agricultural Universities can together do wonders in achieving the target of eradication of hunger and malnutrition.

Dr. Mahmoud Solh, DG ICARDA conveyed his gratitude to ICAR for needful collaboration and support for developing and spread of new varieties in pulses. Dr. J. S. Sandhu desired that ICAR should develop a concrete action plan in collaboration with all the stakeholders to work jointly and achieve the target for self sufficiency in pulses. He desired that the deficit in pulses should be compensated within a time span of 2-3 years to fulfill the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister. He congratulated the scientists for their Endeavour in making various pulse programmes successful. Dr. B. B. Singh emphasized on production of sufficient quality seed of pulses through farmers participatory approach and purchasing the seed by buyback policy. He emphasized upon a policy of remunerative support price and procurement of pulses in the country which could attract farmers towards taking pulses cultivation as a remunerative enterprise. This will make the country self sufficient in both seed and grain production.

Dr. N. P. Singh, Director, IIPR, Kanpur stressed upon the need for seed hub to achieve seed production targets in the country. He exhorted for active collaboration, co-operation and synergy of all the stakeholders in the achieving of above target. This was followed by a farmer’s training programme on seed production technique in pulses.


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