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Externally Funded Projects

Crop Improvement Division

S No Name of the Project Funding Agency Principal Investigator
1. Development of Lentil cultivar with high concentration of Iron and Zinc. ICARDA Dr. N.P. Singh
2. Generation Advancement and Development of new genotypes through Pre-breeding in Lentil and Kabuli Chickpea. Through DAC-ICARDA-ICAR collaborations. DAC-ICARDA-ICAR

Coordinator : Dr. N.P. Singh  ,

PI (Lentil) : Dr. Jitendra Kumar,

PI (Kabuli Chickpea) : Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi

3. Developing chickpea cultivars suited to mechanical harvesting and tolerant to herbicides NFSM Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi
4. Seed production in agricultural crops. DAC Dr. P.K. Katiyar
5. ICAR (NSP) crops. DAC Dr. P.K. Katiyar
6. Development of thermo insensitive and high yielding cultivars in green gram [Vigna radiate (L.) Wilczek] through AB-QTL approach. UPCAR Dr. Aditya Pratap
7. CRP on Molecular breeding for improvement of tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, yield and quality traits in crops-chickpea. ICAR Dr. Aditya Pratap
8. Introgression of Photo-Thermo Insensitivity in Mungbean (Vigna rediata L.) and its Rapid Fixation Through Doubled Haploidy Breeding. Lal Bahadur Shastri Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2014 Dr. Aditya Pratap
9. Genomics data analysis for identification of economically important markers and viral diagnostics in pulses. Centre for Agril. Bioinformatics (IASRI) Dr. Abhishek Bohra
10. Harnessing favourable QTL of wild and exotic germplasm for yield contributing traits in lentil using advanced backcross QTL analysis. DBT (DST) Dr Jitendra Kumar
11. CRP on hybrid technology in Pigeonpea. ICAR Dr. Abhishek Bohra
12. Establishing the International Mungbean Improvement Network. AVRDC Dr. N.P. Singh
13. Improving livelihood for small holder farmers: Enhanced grain legumes productivity and production in sub Saharan Africa and South-Asia (TL III). Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (ICRISAT Collaborative) Project Coordinator :
Dr. N.P. Singh ,
PI: Uma Sah
(wef March 2017),
Dr. S. K. Chaturvedi
(till Feb. 2017)
14. Characterization, mapping and transcryptome analysis of seed protein, β carotene and mineral contents in chickpea (Cicer arietinun L.). NASF CC-PI : Dr. Biswajit Mondal
15. Delivering more produce and income to farmers through enhancing genetic gains for chick and pigeonpea.. NFSM Chickpea: Dr. A. K. Srivastava,
Pigeonpea: Dr. Abhishek Bohra

Plant Biotechnology Division

16. Identification and characterization of gram pod borer resistance Transgenic chickpea and Pigeonpea for conducting confined trials. NASF (ICAR) Dr. Alok Das
17. Functional genomics in chickpea NPTC – FG (ICAR) Dr. K.R. Soren
(from 17.11.14),
Dr. S. Datta
(up to17.11.14)
18. Utilizing chickpea genome sequence for crop improvement. DAC (NFSM) Co-Project Coordinator :
Dr. N.P. Singh,
PI: Dr. K. R. Soren
19. Incentivizing Research in Agriculture : Molecular genetic analysis of resistance/tolerance to different stresses in chickpea. ICAR-CRRI Dr. K. R. Soren
20. Functional genomics in Pigeonpea (Genetic mapping of Fusarium wilt and SMD in Pigeonpea). NPTC-G (ICAR) Sh. Shanmugavadivel, P. S.

Crop Protection Division

21. Crop pest surveillance and advisory project (CROPSAP)  RKVY, Maharashtra Dr. Bandi Sanjay Maruti
(From April 2017),
Dr.Shiva Kant Singh
(up to March 2017)
22. Studies on climate volatility and its impact on pests of pulses at micro level in varied agro-ecosystem of Uttar Pradesh. UPCAR Dr. S. K. Singh
23. Characterization and development of bio-pesticide from native microbes for the managements of Bihar hairy caterpillar in pulse crops. UPCAR Dr. Sujayanand, G. K. 
24. Development of microbial based formulations and their consortia for management of Pigeonpea wilt diseases. CST, UP Dr. R. K. Mishra
25. Transcriptome dynamics in host viruses interaction to identify multi virus resistant genotypes in mungbean. SERB (DST) Dr. M. Akran
26. Identification of potential Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria’s (PGPRs) against Fusarium wilt and dry root rot for enhancing chickpea productivity. SERB (DST) Dr. Krishna Kumar
27. Nematophagous Bacteria: Identification and profiling of host specificity of Pasteuria penetrans infecting Meloidogyne spp. In pulses. SERB (DST) Dr. R. Jagadeeswaran
28. Virulence profiling of Ascochyta rabiei and deciphering molecular interactions with chickpea. SERB (DST) Dr. Manjunatha L.

Basic Sciences Division

29. Rhizosphere micribiome for improving symbiotic nitrogen fixation and yield in lentil in North Eastern State of India BIOTECH CONSORTIUM INDIA LIMITED Dr. S.K. Singh

Social Science Division

30. Socio-economic and technological empowerment of pulse growers of Jalaun and Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh. DBT Dr. Uma Sah
31. Development of pulses based bio-village sustainable models through action research for livelihood security under different agro-ecosystems in Uttar Pradesh. DBT Dr. Purshottam
32. Integrated approaches for food, nutrition and livelihood security for rural household in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh (Farmer FIRST). ICAR Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Institute Mega- Project

33. National Initiative on climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA). ICAR Institute Coordinator :
Dr. N.P. Singh ,
PI: Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
34. Implementation of PVP legislation, DUS test- Chickpea. PPV & FRA (DUS) Dr. G.P. Dixit
35. Implementation of PVP legislation, DUS test- Pigeonpea. PPV & FRA (DUS) Dr. I.P. Singh
36. Implementation of PVP legislation, DUS test- MULLaRP. PPV & FRA (DUS) Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
37. Creation of Seed hubs for increasing indigenous production of pulses in India. ICAR & DAC (NFSM) Institute Coordinator :
Dr. N.P. Singh
38. Enhancing Breeder Seed Production for Increasing Indigenous Production of Pulses in India. ICAR & DAC (NFSM) Institute Coordinator :
Dr. N.P. Singh

Young Scientist Project

39. Implémenting genomics approaches for breeding high yielding genotypes with enhanced resistsnce to yellow mosaic in mungbean (Vigna rediata (L.) Wilzek) SERB Dr. Chandra Mohan Singh,
Mentor : Dr Aditya Pratap
40. Développent of Bemisia tabaci and Spodoptera litura resistant marker free transgenic black gram (Vigna mugo) expressing Tma 12 and Cry IEC insecticidal proteins. SERB Dr. Paras Pandey,
Mentor : Dr Meenal Rathore

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