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Other Facilities

Video Conferencing

The Institute has also developed a Video conference hall for active interaction with Council and other Agencies.


Video Conference Room

Environmentally Controlled Green House

Round the year testing facility under environmentally controlled greenhouse for photo-thermosensitivity, drought and heat tolerance has been created at IIPR. The greenhouse is fully airconditioned and being operated by programmable control unit equipped with different sensors-linking probes monitoring humidity, temperature, light and photoperiods.


Green House

Automatic Rainout Shelter

A state-of-art facility of Automatic rainout shelter has been developed at IIPR to screen pulse genotypes for drought tolerance under field condition. The rainout shelter is completely moveable which slides on rail when rain drops fall upon in-built sensor and covers the crop under trial and thus protects from rain making field dry during the crop season.


Rainout Shelter

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