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Microbial Consortium

Microbial consortium to mitigate moisture deficit stress

S. No. Title Microbial consortium
1 (a) Name of Division: Division of Basic Sciences
  (b) Name of Institute: ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur
2. Title of the Research & Technologies developed during the last year five years: Microbial consortium for mitigation of moisture deficit stress in pulses

Developed in 2017 and evaluated under AICRP-Chickpea during 2017-2020

3. Salient feature of the Research/Technology : Microbial consortium consisting bacterial determinants with mechanisms via ACC deaminase, production of plant hormones line cytokinin and IAA, production of extracellular polymeric substances to prevent ethylene stress, and to improve plant growth and water use efficiency through biofilm formation.
4. Developed by (Name/Designation/Contact no./Email Id): Director, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur (Lead)

Dr. M.Senthilkumar, Pr. Scientist (Microbiology) (Lead) Mo. 8576063475 Mail.

5. How this Technology contributed to agricultural advancements or improved farmer practices : Microbial consortium mitigates moisture deficit stress during crop growth stage by increasing water use efficiency through biofilm formation and supports plant growth by producing growth hormones and delay the senescence by balancing ABA/cytokinin ratio in stressed plants. Pooled data of multilocation trails under AICRP-Chickpea (2017-2020) indicated 8% enhanced yield over Mesorhizobium treatment.
6. Details of Impact on farmer’s livelihood and agricultural practices: Microbial consortium is being produced and supplied on demand basis. Bioinoculant production unit is being developed for mass production and supply to farmers.

Awareness programs were organized to attract entrepreneurs and ABI-incubatees.

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