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Profile of Dr. Uday Chand Jha

Personal Information

Name : Dr. Uday Chand Jha
Designation : Scientist (Senior Scale)
Email : u9811981@gmail.com, uday_gene@yahoo.co.in
Telephone (Office) : +91-0512 2580994, Ext. 2301
Mobile No. : +91-7800408846
Date of joining ICAR : 15th December 2009
Discipline and specialization : Genetics & Plant Breeding.
Training/advance exposure in the area of work. :
  • Attended training on Food Legumes Improvement from 8th May to 17th May 2011 at ICARDA(The International center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas) Aleppo, Syria.
  • Attended training on Application of Molecular markers in Crop Improvement (Eight ICRISAT-CEG Course) on 8-19 Novemeber 2010, at ICRISAT, India.

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement :
  • Worked out genetics of heat stress tolerance and developed mapping populations for heat stress tolerance in chickpea.
  • Developed genomics resources (SSR based) for molecular breeding for developing heat stress tolerance in chickpea.
  • Associated in developing three chickpea varieties.
Current area of research :
  • Abiotics stress breeding(drought and heat stress) in chickpea.
Publications :
  • Jha U.C., Jha R., Thakro V., Kumar A., Gupta S., Nayyar H., Basu P., Parida S.K. and Singh N.P. (2020) Discerning molecular diversity and association mapping for phenological, physiological and yield traits under high temperature stress in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). J Genet (Accepted). I.F(0.99).
  • Jha U.C., Nayyar H., Jha R., Paul P.J. and Siddique K.H.M.(2020). Heat stress and cowpea: Genetics, breeding and modern tools for improving genetic gains. Plant Physiol Reports DOI: 10.1007/s40502-020-00544-2.
  • Nayyar H., Chaudhary S., Devi P., Bhardwaj A., Jha U.C., Sharma K.D., Prasad P.V., Siddique K.H. and Kumar S. (2020) Identification and characterization of contrasting genotypes/cultivars for developing heat tolerance in agricultural crops: Current status and prospects. Frontiers in Plant Science 11:1505 (I.F 4.4).
  • Bohra A., Jha R., Lamichaney A., Singh D., Jha U.C., Naik S.S., Datta D., Maurya A.K., Tiwari A., Yadav V. and Singh F. (2020) Mapping QTL for important seed traits in an interspecific F2 population of pigeonpea. 3 Biotech.10(10):1-9.(I.F1.79).
  • Bohra A.B., Jha U.C., Godwin I. and Varshney R.K. (2020) Genomic interventions for sustainable agriculture. Plant BiotechnologyDOI: doi.org/10.1111/pbi.13472 (I.F.8.15).
Awards and Fellowships :
  • ISPRD Fellow.
  • Young Scientist Award on the eve of the Third International Conference on Bioresource and Stress management, held during 8-11 Nov. 2017 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.