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Profile of Dr. Abhishek Bohra

Personal Information

Name : Dr. Abhishek Bohra
Designation : Scientist (Senior scale)
Email : abhi.omics@gmail.com, Abhishek.Bohra@icar.gov.in
Telephone (Office) : 91-512-2580994, Ext. 2205
Mobile No. : +91-9410700174
Date of joining ICAR : 27th April 2011
Discipline and specialization : Genetics and Plant Breeding
Training/advance exposure in the area of work : Plant Genomics and Molecular Breeding

Professional Information

Contribution to the scientific advancement :
  • Notable research contributions of Dr A. Bohra include development of the large-scale genomic resources in pigeonpea. He has been associated with genetic mapping of important traits in pigeonpea and chickpea. Besides genomics, his efforts towards genetic improvement of pigeonpea have resulted in the development of high-yielding hybrid/variety such as IPH 09-5, IPH 15-03, IPA 206 and IPA 15-2, new CMS lines and breeding lines in pigeonpea. He has an h-index of 25.
Current area of research :
  • His current research involves hybrid breeding, trait discovery and genomics-assisted breeding in pigeonpea.
Publications :
  • Bohra A. et al (2011) Analysis of BAC-end sequences (BESs) and development of BES-SSR markers for genetic mapping and hybrid purity assessment in pigeonpea. BMC Plant Biology 11:56.
  • Bohra A. et al. (2012) An intra-specific consensus genetic map of pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh] derived from six mapping populations. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 125:1325-1338.
  • Bohra A. et al (2014) Genomics and molecular breeding in lesser explored pulse crops: Current trends and future opportunities. Biotechnology Advances 32: 1410–1428.
  • Bohra A. et al. (2017) New hypervariable SSR markers for diversity analysis, hybrid purity testing and trait mapping in pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh]. Frontiers in Plant Science 8:377.
  • Bohra A. et al. (2020) Genomic interventions for sustainable agriculture. Plant Biotechnology Journal 18: 2388-2405.
Awards and Fellowships :
  • Indian National Science Academy (INSA)-Young Scientist Medal (2016).
  • Best Scientist (Young Scientist) of ICAR-IIPR (2017).
  • Young Scientist Award (2017) of Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development (ISPRD).
  • Fellow of Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development (ISPRD).
  • Ranked among Top 2% top-cited scientists of the world based on the list published in the journal ‘PLoS Biology’ (Ioannidis et al. 2020).